Our experts are qualified professionals who offer home service worthy of the investment and hours of work you put into your car. They’ll perform a complete and thorough inspection of your vehicle to provide you with a detailed assessment on its condition to determine its real value on the market.

We don’t just appraise classic cars, either!

  • Modified vehicles (hot rod, street machine, kit car, etc.)
  • Exotic cars (Aston-Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.)
  • Modified compact vehicles (tuning)
  • Restomodded, pro-touring, clones and tribute cars
  • JDM (right-hand drive) vehicles imported from Japan
  • Recent models (low mileage, modified or with additional equipment)
  • Recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Conversion vans
  • Motorcycles (original, modified and hand-made)

The document you’ll receive after our appraisal is detailed and easy to read, contains several color photos, several computer-printed pages in duplicate and including the following points:

  • Complete identification of the vehicle
  • Authenticity details
  • Details regarding the quality of the restoration or modification
  • Verification of the exact condition of the vehicle
  • Production number (if available)
  • List of original options, modifications or added equipment
  • Up-to-date appraisal based on research into professional reference guides and established depending on the condition and features of the vehicle


  • Pre-purchase consultation
  • Arbitration representing the insured or the insurer
  • Post-accident assessment (value appraisal)
  • Second opinion
  • Damage estimates for older cars
  • Expert testimony in court

* These more specialized services are available only in the Montreal area.